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Surviving Spirit Purpose

There are several objectives to address and achieve through The Surviving Spirit website and newsletter.

See Share Create Celebrate CollageTo promote hope, healing, and assistance for those impacted by trauma, abuse, mental health challenges/injuries, and other concerns through the use of the creative arts, newsletters, and resources.

To help promote the creative works of those affected by trauma, abuse, and mental health concerns. It is already challenging to make a living as a professional artist, musician, author, etc., but when individuals also have to contend with the above-mentioned health issues and the associated stigma, it creates even more obstacles to pursuing their creative passions.

Please note that when referring to trauma, abuse, and mental health concerns throughout the website, literature, newsletter, resources, etc., these three major health problems encompass a wide variety of issues. The purpose is to be inclusive for all and to reach out to those who have experienced pain, suffering, and isolation. Additionally, it aims to extend an invitation to their loved ones, friends, co-workers, and the broader public to create awareness of how these health issues affect us all.

Studies reveal that one in four females will experience sexual assault before the age of eighteen, and for males, it is one in six. However, many believe these numbers may be higher, as most males do not report or discuss their abuse.

Studies also indicate that one in five people has faced a mental health concern, yet two-thirds of them will not seek treatment or assistance due to the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness, trauma, and abuse.

The Surviving Spirit aims to contribute to the change in eliminating the fears, myths, and false beliefs that surround trauma, abuse, and mental health concerns. While the media tends to focus on stories of individuals labeled as mentally ill who commit violent crimes, these cases represent only a small percentage of the population. Unfortunately, they receive the most headlines. The Surviving Spirit will shed light on the other side of the equation, sharing stories of hope, courage, and perseverance from talented individuals and organizations who, by their example, break down these old fears, false beliefs, and myths that surround mental illness.

The Mission of the Surviving Spirit is to promote Hope, Healing and Help for those impacted by trauma, abuse or mental health concerns through the use of the creative arts, education and advocacy.

Our Vision is a world of acceptance and community support where creative expression is valued and available as a pathway of healing for survivors of sexual abuse, child abuse, trauma and mental health challenges.

Trauma & Abuse come in many forms — military veterans grapple with this, victims of crime, those who have struggled with a life-threatening illness or injury such as cancer, diabetes, brain injury, car accident, physical impairment and so much more are just a partial listing of serious health concerns that people struggle with. And yet, they show by their example, Hope, Healing, & Help. The Surviving Spirit wants to display and share their stories, music, art, crafts and more that shows their great courage and perseverance.