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Rhythms for Building Community and Wellness:  Experiencing the Healing Power of the Drum

 Chrys Ballerano, Building Connections Project Co-Director & Community Educator NYS Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Inc. 

Contact information for booking – Michael Skinner, exec. Director of the Surviving Spirit @ 603-625-2136  38 River Ledge Drive, Goffstown, NH 03045

Chrys has a background as a prevention educator in the field of Rape Crisis & Victim Services. Currently, since 1999, Chrys works as co-director of the Sexual Assault/Mental Health Project, Building Connections and Community Educator and Resource Library Coordinator at NYSCASA  (NYS Coalition Against Sexual Assault).  She has presented countless presentations and workshops, including several keynotes, at conferences, community events, universities, hospitals, schools, and legislative hearings about the intersecting issues of sexual trauma, mental health and substance addictions.

Chrys has also been a performance artist throughout this same period as a singer, guitarist, songwriter and percussionist and has performed with numerous ensembles throughout the Capital District. She has led drumming workshops for youth and adults at various schools and conferences throughout NYS. She currently performs as a solo singer-writer as well as the percussionist in the Jim Sande Ensemble.  

Chrys discovered the power of drumming as a healing tool in 1985-1987 as she addressed her own need to address post traumatic stress symptoms. Drumming, for Chrys, was one of the primary tools that allowed her to access her own personal power to recover from traumatic experiences that linked with a history of childhood depression and subsequent substance abuse. Drumming and singing helped Chrys to stay off medications, both prescribed and self-provided, and become connected to community resources which eventually brought her out into the community as a musician and teacher. She has been invited to teach drumming to youth and adults at numerous events and enjoys facilitating drum circles whenever possible.  

Rhythms for Building Community and Wellness: Experiencing the Healing Power of the Drum  

Brief Description of Workshop

This workshop will be an interactive experience where the presenter will provide participants with an opportunity to connect with their own innate sense of play and the healing and gentle power of rhythm.  Participants are invited to bring their own drum or percussive instrument if at all possible.  However, a number of instruments (enough for 30- 40 people to share) will be provided by the presenter.  An atmosphere of gentle safety will be maintained and modeled.  This is not a workshop about "beating" drums but about connecting with our own heartbeat, and connecting with our own abilities to play in community, and find ways to respond to the rhythms of the natural world.  We will learn some basic drumming technique and then enjoy a circle of rhythm that is fun for people of all levels of drumming experience.  If weather permits, this workshop can be held outside as long as benches or chairs are provided.   



Participants will have fun while engaging both sides of their brain- a therapeutic practice in and of itself.

Participants will have a chance to learn a new skill that can aid them in recovery from distress and help them to maintain health.

Participants will have an opportunity to interact with others in a supportive, non-verbal and non-competitive setting.

Participants will find inner resources that they may have never noticed in themselves prior to this workshop.

Participants will be reminded of their love of music, and will be inspired to incorporate music or dance into their self-care and wellness plans.



Participants will be able to describe different techniques for playing hand drums.

Participants will be able to play a simple rhythm along with other people in a non-competitive rhythm circle.

Participants will discover the simplicity of making rhythm sounds with a variety of tools.

Participants will be given a chance to have fun and express non-verbally  through gentle rhythms

Participants will be given written information on the "therapeutic" benefits of drumming through stimulation of both hemispheres of the brain.

Chrys Ballerano
Rhythms for Building Community and Wellness:  
Experiencing the Healing Power of the Drum